Artera House of Handicrafts

 "Artera" Foundation is an organization which offers legal background for popularizing and keeping alive the traditional material and spiritual resources of the region by promoting and converting the folk tradition of Szeklerland and the whole Transylvania into living heritage, organizing Festivals and Fairs and at last but not least detecting young and talented artists. Since 2005 Artera has been a member of the Society of Folk Associations in Hungary.
Working along these lines, the Foundation won the first prize in Romania and second prize in Europe for its Living Heritage program – called Miraculum 2004 and revitalizing the community –, prize given by a committee formed from the supporters of the project.
Currently Artera's main program is the Fair Craftsmen. It is put on yearly in the summer, during the 4rd weekend of July. The central event of the Festival is the Craft People's Expo and open-air market where visitors can watch the process of creating a new craft piece from beginning to end. The festival is not only about our region's diversity, but ethnic diversity too: Hungarians, Romanians, Saxons, Roma and other ethnicities.. In the rest of the year, the Artera Crafts House organizes courses to teach young craftspeople and to broaden popular artists' view of local traditional values.
In all its projects the Foundation tries to support a special form of tourism in – an alternative tourism, cultural tourism – which gives Hungarians living in foreign countries and visitors interested in exploring Transylvania the opportunity to become acquainted with the traditional values and popular art of this region.
Each year, Artera Foundation's activities grow and expand. Our plans for the near future include: art exhibitions, folk art courses, scouting for talented young artists, establishing workshops and youth houses, and publishing a seasonal newspaper.


Calendar of annual events:

"Artera" House of Handicrafts
Transylvania Authentica:
exhibition on sale: popular art products and painted traditional furniture

Handicraft professional courses
Professional presentations, practical demonstrations

"Kaláka" – Vocational Handicraft Study Group
Locale: Székelyudvarhely / Odorheiu Secuiesc, Székely Támadt Medieval Castle

Accredited courses in Handicraft
During 3–6 months, also in other localities

Painted Eggs for Easter
Locale: "Artera" House of Handicrafts

Festival Days of the Town
Organizer: Mayor of Odorheiu Secuiesc

Whitsun Pilgrimage
In association with the Mayor of Csíkszereda

Fair of Folk Art
Locale: Miercurea Ciuc, Csíksomlyó

Szeklerland – Wonderland
June 15th – July 31st
Folk camp for children. Workshops: introduction in the techniques of the traditional crafts
Place: Odorheiu Secuiesc, Zetea-Liban, (Harghita county)

Fair of Handicrafts – Festival of the Folk Art
In association with Partners

International Folk Festival and Fair with craft demonstrations and various programs
Locale: Odorheiu Secuiesc, Székely Támadt Medieval Castle

Miracle of Máréfalva
In association with the Mayor of Máréfalva / Satu Mare (HR)

Outdoor musical and dance Theater spectacle
Locale: Village of Máréfalva – KÅ‘lik

Wreaths of Advent
30 November
Locale: "Artera" House of Handicrafts

Christmas Fair
Organizer: Mayor of Székelyudvarhely

Christmas expo and fair of Folk Art
Locale: Odorheiu Secuiesc, Central Place


Our programs' aim is the long-term support of local development
through community involvement in the identification, conservation and
sustainable use of heritage related resources.