""The meaning of tradition is not to keep the ashes, but passing flame on."" Thomas Morus

Our publication "Nursling" symbolizes the improvement, the miracle of  life, how the small seed, been looked after with fatigue, pushes in time a sprout, then a beautiful plant which brings flowers and harvest, maturing new seeds, for all of us pleasure. By our work of disseminator even let us wish to awaken an international interest on behalf of those who appreciate the value of the creations, giving evidence of our cultural identity, everywhere: in the country in and abroad. Our publication offers plenty multilingual information about our Foundation's craftsmen. The presented number of masters doesn't mean the total headcount of craftsmen, at all, the number of our partners growing day by day.
We've tried to reveal to the way, which helped our craftsmen to master they craft, profess today as well by stressing at the same time the permanent desire to learn and to be more perfect. In more we would like to pique the public's interest for the handmade creations, and especially the transmission of these values for the next generation. People are always fascinated by the intrinsic spiritual values of home-made products: the love of their beauty and timelessness must be cultivated from most soft youth.
The Foundation Artera's craftsmen shaping for a strong community, it means an organizational development for ages. The result of this work is reflected by this publication. We recommend for the public this still fragile "Nursling", which holding the promise of beautiful flowers; it is also warning us that achieve its destination it must be looked after, all the time.
We also owe with thanks for those who helped us and collaborated in the first edition this publication: National Agency of Projects for Small and Medium Sized Companies, Infopress Group S.A, DTP Studio, Murányi János translator.


Lőrincz Zsuzsánna
President, Fundation Artera


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