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  • Fancy-leather goods maker
  • Painted furniture
  • Lace-maker
  • Sculptor in maize-leaves
  • Wooden sculptor
  • Joiner, wooden sculptor
  • Decorator of candles
  • Beads stringing
  • Beads stringing II.
  • Embroidering
  • Honey-cake-maker
  • Dolls of rice
  • Rustic suits
  • Plaiting of the straw
  • Saddlers
  • Manual weaver
  • Works in burnt enamel
  • Fimo sculpture






Kovács Béla


I am master craftsman, and was born in the village of Bodos. My main activity is the saddler and the leather craft. I've started this work in a position of apprentice to in 1974, at the age of 17, in a workshop of Barót, with the encouragement of my neighbor. Every piece of my work are individual, sewn to the hand, assembled without using technology. Among saddles and harnesses I make money-bags, bags, canteens, belts and small leather objects, with different dimensions and forms. I make everyday leather goods, helped by my imagination, used by our ancestors, the first Magyar settlers of Hungary.
I am member of the Foundation Artera since 2010. I participate in the programs of folk art, annually in the Fair of Craftsmen, but I'm invited everywhere in Transylvania. I've been on the Festival of Craftsmen in the Castle of Buda.
The love of manufactured goods which kept me in this profession. I try to transmit all my knowledge to the next generation.


RO-525102 Bodos / Bodoş
Str. Principala nr. 36






Gálfi Gyöngyike


I was born in a small village and I was working in the city's crafts cooperative, where I've got acquainted with the popular art. The weaving and the sewing represented a source of living, for my family. I'm based in Udvarhely since 1979, I am the mother of three children and my main activity is still the handcrafts. We established a small business with my daughter: we produce gingerbread. I took part in a creative boot camp in Békéscsaba where I've learned a lot. Recently I had the opportunity to get the knowledge of the wonderful world of painted furniture, in a course organized by the Foundation Artera, what I like very much. I participate in the folk programmes, in youth camps we cook gingerbread together with the children. All of the handcraft activities fill me up with pleasure, and in the future I would like to continue this trade and get much more experience, as I can.


RO-535600 Székelyudvarhely / Odorheiu Secuiesc
Str. Orbán Balázs nr. 28



Jónás Gyöngyvirág


When my teacher Irma Györke organized a furniture coruse for first time in my village in 2004, I've applied too. Her creations were reason my interest. In the following years, in the craft boot camp I've got the knowledge of the ornamental motives of painted furniture from my native country, the valley of Homorod, and the art of their composition and the used technical processes.
The pleasure of create and the interest for painted furniture determined me to study ethnography. I absolved the University of Kolozsvár, the subject of my work of license was "The popular painting of furniture and resuscitation of this art in the Homorod-valley". During my researches, beside furniture of 19th century existing still in the villages of the Homorod-valley, I extended the area of my investigations also on pieces painted since 1900 until nowdays.
Beside my painter's activity I teach children and adults in boot camps, and on craft activities.


537225 Homoródújfalu / Satu Nou
str. Principală nr. 74



Kovács Mónika


Being born in the village of Máréfalva, having spent my childhood with my grandfather as a universal craftsman, my grandmother as a weaver, and my mother as a embroiderer, it was natural to me to have the love of folk art.
I became member of the Foundation Artera in 2006, my tutor was Gellért Farkas. From thet day I paint small gifts and furniture, decorated with traditional motives. I've done the lace-making course at the Foundation Artera in 2007, supervised by "aunt" Kati Berze. I enriched my knowledge in furniture painting at Artera in 2008, managed by Anna Simon-Gothárd and Tünde Bán-Bartos. At the moment I study beads stringing, but I am also involved in embroidery.
I participate in the Fair of Craftsmen every year. I was presented on the Festival of Craftsmen (Budapest) in 2009.
I taught children in the craft boot camp "Fairy Village" several times, I taught adults of "Circle Kaláka" too, for Foundation Artera in this year (2011). 


RO–537026 Máréfalva / Satu Mare
nr. 417






Berze Katalin


Everybody's "aunt Kati" was born in a family with 10 children, she also brought up 3 children and still is looking after for many grandchildren. Her life is about teaching the craft at home, in the school, everywhere. In the folk programmes she makes practical presentations, her skillful movements arouse the interest and the appreciation of the audience. Her handmade craft creations have a big artistic value. She would like to adapt the traditional art of lace to the requirements of nowadays, considering her main duty such as orientation of young creators and the public, to protect and immortalize traditional values, in a new form, adapted to the new functions.
She participates annually in the Fair of Craftsmen since 2000, organized in the medieval Castle of Székelyudvarhely, in the County Days of Csíkszereda, and other craft programmes in Romania and abroad since 2001.


RO–537082 Székelyszentkirály / Sâncrai
Str. Bodó nr. 46






Szabó Erzsébet (Bimbi)


I've learned the work maize-leaves from a popular artist Júlia Bálint. I elaborated a particular technique, thanks to which my figurines acquired meaning gestures and mime, individual. My big compositions represent scenes drawn by the classic works of the Hungarian literature and biblical scenes: Life of Jesus, Via Crucis. Other themes are scenes of the rustic life, the fieldworks.
My creations gained numerous prizes in the country and abroad: Fair of Craftsmen (Artera Foundation, 2000): Prize of the Public; Master of Sculpture in Maize-leaves (2001); Summer Festival (Hungary, 2002): Special Prize; Prize of Christmas (2002), Master Excellent of Sculpture in Maize-les (2003); Prize of the City Council (Sepsiszentgyörgy, 2004).
By using my creations I wrote working exercise books for children, with explanations and instructions, published by the Publishing House Corvina. Furthermore I teach this craft in my village and at folk events.


RO–527125 Ozsdola / Ojdula
str. Nagyág nr. 246






Balázsi Balázs


I've started to learn the wooden sculpture the age 12 years in the school's sculpture course. I've got vocational degree from the Foundation Artera in 2007 and the right to participate on the Fair of Craftsmen: it was my first exhibition and fair. Since I participated in many of the same appearances, and during these, it was a pleasure to notice that people are deeply interested in my works. This interest makes me strong to create always something new and to be persevering in my work-hobby.
I participated in a boot camp of sculptural creation in Békéscsaba in 2009, where I won the "Craftsman of the Future" award. The main subjects which keep me interested: religion, history, life of the Szekler people, flowers, vegetation, tradition, folk art. In the future I would like to create works in which the ancestral tradition is harmonized with the art of modern age, so that our successors could understand our ancestors, how they lived, what they did and why.

 RO–535600 Székelyudvarhely / Odorheiu Secuiesc,
str. Victoriei 27/5



Berze Kati és Berze László


Berze Kati: I've learned the embroidery, sewing, weaving, spinning, lace-making from my mother and grandmother. I've always liked to be creative. That is why I practice the wooden sculpture for 16 years. Everything what I know, I've learned from my husband, László Berze, and we also taught it to our children. So all the family works on the decoration of a sculptured Szekler gate.
Berze László
: My father was wheelwright craftsman. I've studied wooden sculpture in the school, from my teacher Sándor Bándi. My first works I did by passion at home, helping my father, then in the middle of the 90s I've got an assignment to build a big wooden gate, what I accepted and done it. Then the orders started to come one after each other, so me and my family doing this profession for living in these days.
I participate yearly in the Fair of Craftsmen, (medieval Castle of Székelyudvarhely) since 2003, Festival of Crafts (Castle of Buda) since 2005, and County Days of Csíkszereda since 2006.
We've built up more than 70 sculptured in Hungary, Rumania and Slovakia and 15 funeral wooden headboard (in Budapest also). We make wheel-well curbs, carts, sculptured furniture and taking orders for the restoration of sculptured gates. I teach this art for children on the courses of the Foundation Artera and for the school of my village.


RO–537082, Székelyszentkirály / Sâncrai,
nr. 236






Gábor Balázs


I've learned the art of wooden sculpture in my home town. Since then this has become not only a passion but also a source of my living.
I do furniture of antique style and everyday used objects. I also sculptured several Szekler gates and funeral posts. The first gate it was mine, of course, then I made gates for the commemorative park of Crăciunel and for the municipality of Mány, also for private houses. One of my wooden headboards standing in the Heroes' Cemetery of Nyerges-tető (Casin Pass), ordered by the mediation of the Foundation Artera.
I've also learned the smith trade from my father, so majority of my tools were made by myself. I'm interested in all sort of crafts, for example: making of fancy-leather goods, which in I would like to get more experience. I take part of the Fair of Craftsmen in every year, since 2007 and to the Festival of Crafts since 2009. I'm giving creation courses for children and organizing craft presentations for the festivals.


RO–537188 Homoródszentpál / Sânpaul nr.167






Baksa Kinga


As craftsman partner of the Foundation Artera, in 2009 and 2010, I've participated in the Festival of Folk Arts, as the only decorator of candles, and in the Days of the Microregion Keresztúr of 2010 as well. My products were interested, successful and the feedback is always positive about them.
A candle for a special occasion is always a beautiful present, that is why I make ornamental candles for different family events, big holidays, as a unique and special gift. As a curiosity I would accentuate candles decorated with Szekler popular motives, which combine tradition, originality and quality.
I pay a particular attention to the irreproachable quality. My candles are made from the best german materials, all are individual pieces, manual labor. They can be ordered in different colors and dimensions, with motives by the creator or individual design by the customer. Please, visit my website and contact me with confidence.


RO–535400 Székelykeresztúr / Cristuru Secuiesc,
str. Hargita nr. 32.






Csiszér Veronika


The beauty and the value of the crafts were carved in my heart by my grandmother. I keep a beautiful memory of her: sat in her armchair, doing crochets, me as girl, I've jumped all around her, and she suddenly asked me: would you like to try the crocheting? And I said "yes" right at the moment. That's what she said: "what you create by yourself, you gonna appreciate more and you gonna preserve! Keep this in your mind!" I still hear her words today, after having tried several crafts: crocheting, weaving-sewing, but what conquered me it is the stringing of beads. When I put myself in it, I forget the world.
I started to practise of beads stringing in 2005, first time just for pleasure, but later learning the technique, which was taught by Zsófi Berényi, it became my passion. For me it's like a therapy, what I suggest for everyone, to transmit to our successors the inheritance of our ancestors.


RO-537265 Csikszentkirály / Sâncrăieni
Str. Koves nr. 226



Dénes Zsófia


The crafts interest me since from my teenager years: I've done tinkering, painting, weaving, spinning – all this because my grandmother taught me ceaselessly how to like the manufactured objects. I've also learned furniture painting, I also wanted to know the secrets of the photographic art. Accidentally I participated in a decoration course, from this point the way was straight to the art of beads stringing. I've started to learn beads stringing in 2007, I've done three courses of specialization, and then I enriched my craft knowledge of the modern pearl jewels from the internet. I participate with my jewels in the exhibitions and fairs since 2008. I became a co-worker with the Foundation Artera in 2010.
In every piece of my works I lend a bit from my soul as well, I try hard to make practical, individual jewels taking into account requirements of our accelerated world. I work from natural materials such as glass pearls, minerals, wood, crystals, fine stones.


RO–537040 Csíkszentgyörgy / Ciucsângeorgiu nr. 470.
(+4)-0743-954.133, -0266-331.860



Gál Izabella Anna


Living in a small village, and the stringing of beads became my passion: I spend all my spare time with it. I also make modern jewels of beads, made from the Czech and Japanese beads, minerals and Swarowski crystals since 2007. These jewels are recommended with an evening outfit or even an everyday dress, because a beautiful necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet could make our looking more colorful. I believe that the most beautiful ornaments are the floral motives, these jewels are extremely showy. Their beauty is their individual character: I don't have two common jewels and I use a motive one time only.
Lately I do my own designed jewels: it is a big pleasure to see when others wearing them. I participate in the folk programs of the Foundation Artera, in the country and abroad. I also make jewels to order, All interested customer is more then welcome. 


RO–RO–537084 Tibód / Tibod nr. 65






Lázár Ibolya Mária


My interest for crafts was started in my teenage years when I've learned the lace-making from my sister. And then I got acquainted with the pearls stringing helped by Éva Lukáts, which became my passion since.
I work as employee for Foundation Artera since 2008, in this case I had the possibility of participating at the master course in Békéscsaba in 2010. I also attended on a basic course of embroidery, organized by the Foundation in this year, supervised by Klára Pop. I am open to learn new crafts, I'm looking for my place in the world of folk, art and however I string my pearls on the thread.


RO–535600 Székelyudvarhely / Odorheiu Secuiesc,
str. Pantofarilor nr. 17/6



Péter Julianna


I'm doing beads stringing since 1999 and participate in the exhibitions and the fairs since 2000, also by teaching adults since 2001. The events where I was present: "Thousand years of Crafts in the Carpathian Basin" (Kecskemét), "Craft Traditions of the Rákóczi's Age" (Budapest, Museum of Crafts), "Miracle of the Variety" (Bucharest, Museum of the Rumanian Peasant), Camp of Craft Creation (Lazarea), Márton Tarisznyás Museum (Gheorgheni).
I get my degree on Popular University of Marosvásárhely on the ethnography section in 2007. My creations were presented on the exhibition "Crib of Bethlehem" organized by the Foundation of the Hungarian Craftsmen in 2010). My activity was supported by the following organizations: Artera Foundation, Cultural Association "Csipkebogyó", Domokos Pál Péter Cultural Association, Association "Portéka", Folk Association of Hungarians from Romania, Association of Szekler Craftsmen.


RO–537306 Gyergyókilyénfalva / Chileni.
str. Principală 213



Péter Szidónia


My interest for the folk art was started in the Higher Institute of Marosvásárhely. Beyond the transmission of the traditions inherited from the ancestors I consider important to satisfy also the requirements nowadays.
I presented the bead stringing at many places. I am member of the Folk Association of Hungarians from Rumania, Association "Portéka" and Artera Foundation.
I participate regularly on the Fair of Craftsmen (Székelyudvarhely) since 2002 and in the Festival of Craftsmen (Budapest). A large number of my creations were presented at the competition "Pearls of Seasons" organized by the Hungarian Association of Pearls since 2003, and on other national and international exhibitions as well. On January 20th, 2010 was honored in the distinction of "Hungarian Craft Masterpiece". My creations are systematically presented to the juries of speciality, I have pieces of category A and B.
In the future I would like to teach more of my knowledge to the young people, or even to the adults, to the school or outside.


H–2769 Tápiószőlős, Zalka Máté u. 41.






Molnár Ibolya


I was interested in the crafts since I was little, but that time I was capable to make very simple embroidery, hooks and knitting only. I had no possibility of enriching my knowledge until 2009, when I've learned the craft of the weaving at the Foundation Artera, and from then I represent my products on fairs and exhibitions in Romania and in Hungary also. In the spring of the 2011 the embroidery course offered me the possibility of study another craft also, afterward I participated in a specialization course and then in a very successful craft boot camp in Békéscsaba. I participate on the Fair of Craftsmen since 2010, when I usually doing a presentation of my craft.
For the future I always consider important the creation of ancestral and traditional products as well fabrics as embroiders. I grant a special importance for the perpetuation of the traditions and their transmission for youth.


RO-535600 – Székelyudvarehely / Odorheiu Secuiesc,
Str. Szent János nr. 26






Puskás Zsuzsanna


Crafts announce is part of my life since I know I'm existing. I consider among my most beautiful memories days spent in my grandmother's village where I've learned the bases of many crafts: weaving, sewing, embroidery, bread bakery. I've been in the industry of the bakery since 1977. My mother, Gyöngyike Gálfi lives with me, we work together every day, and we are together delighted for every successful creation.
I became member of the Foundation Artera in 2008, and then I participate in every event: camp for children or advanced course. Our honey-cakes are well known in the country, but also in all the Carpathian Basin, even in London.
Recently I've finished a furniture painting course, which gives me a big pleasure, but I take care only of the cooking of honey-cake. I would like to give the pleasure to my customers, what I feel when cook my honey-cake.


RO–535600 Székelyudvarhely / Odorheiu Secuiesc,
Intr. Tineretului 4/7
(+4)-0266-218,590, -0745-178.607






Birtalan Magdolna


I make dolls of rice since 2004. I'm letting out my sphere of activity all the time, from the simple dolls up to tales figures which enrich my collection. Put my ideas into practice, I believe in importance of the clean resources of popular motives. I teach art of the dolls of rice in the kindergarten, in the school and the courses of creation. My purpose is also to form the environment culture for children in age 4–16. I try to transmit knowledge for teachers and parents, which will make them capable for establishing a connection between the handicrafts and the world of fairy tales.
I use exclusively natural materials for my creations, and I use traditional techniques, taught by my grandmother. My dolls of rice and the crib of Bethlehem also composed of these dolls obtained a big success, also appearing on the illustrated cards, printed in 2008 by the Foundation Artera.


RO–535600 Székelyudvarhely / Odorheiu Secuiesc,
str. Ugron Gábor nr. 37






Papp Magda


"The meaning of tradition is not to keep the ashes, but passing flame on." – Thomas Morus. I inherited the love of the traditions of my home village, when as a girl I admired my grandmother's skillful movements when she was sewing the popular suits. Suit dresses the body, but I believe that also shapes the soul as well. I try to make my suits from natural and "humanists" materials. My creations are intended to satisfy the convenience requirements of the practical man nowadays, but their style and decoration evokes our grandparents' tradition. I'm looking forward the future, because my work gets me an infinite pleasure.
I participated, grace to Artera Foundation, in many programs of high level in the last eight years. In these local or international events I was able to get professional knowledge and get to know the traditions of other regions, the sewing techniques of other craftsmen. Our craftsmen team's mission is to return to the people's faith in values, miracles, durability, and that we must learn and teach to the others to like, to keep and to enrich the common treasures of our culture.


RO-537165 Farkaslaka / Lupeni,
str. Sáros nr. 134



Ambrus Ildikó


I've learned the sewing and the embroidery from my mother when I was little, and I specialized in this crafts later. The sewing of simple clothes couldn't satisfy me, so I started to make rustic clothes. I've been involved in the project INEXTEX, and my exposed creations were successful. We established a common firm with my mother in year 2000. I organize fashion shows in diverse folk programmes since 2009. We decorate our suits with braid, embroidery and popular motives. Our collection contains normal clothes, evening outfits and traditional costumes.
We take part at the Fair of Craftsmen (Székelyudvarhely), Festival of Crafts in Budapest and other folk programs in Romania and abroad, annually since 2000. Among our future projects represents the participation in a course of specialization to be capable of make original, individual and of high quality pieces.


RO–537240 Parajd / Praid,
str. Víz nr. 700







Csetri Enikő és Dénes


Some years ago I took a craft in my hands, which classed among the popular art. I started to love working with the straw as basic material of admirable decorative objects. Even in these days, I try use my own imagination to create special and unique objects. I do: braided crowns for the holiday of the harvesters, wall and table, as well as Christmas tree decorations, respectively everyday objects: bread-baskets, napkin-supports, saucers, decorations of Easter.
As member of the Foundation Artera I participate in numerous folk festivals, annually in the Festival of Crafts in the Castle of Buda. In 2010 for this festival I made harvesters' crown of 2 m high and 1.5 m wide, which we used in a procession through the Chain Bridge up to the Saint Stephen Basilica. In the future I would like to continue my trade and transmit it for the next generation.


RO-537006 Kőrispatak / Crişeni nr.61






Szabó Dénes és Olivia


One part of our craft is the inheritance of parents: manufacturing of harnesses, leather ropes and threads. Other half we've learned: once an old saddler complained, with tears in his eyes, that there is nobody to whom he could teach the secrets of this extraordinary craft. We took the opportunity, all my family began its apprenticeship in the workshop of old master what we make even today. We sell our products to fairs for popularize the traditional manufactured objects from the harness until belts and to restrict the dominion of articles of leather imitation, made with machines.
Our family company was established ten years ago in a small village of Harghita county. From then we make our leather products, and accept orders for particular pieces also. Among our projects represents the company growing for the pleasure of the customers' more and more numerous demands.


RO–537292 Szenterzsébet / Eliseni nr.339
(+4)-0757-393.482, -0266-221.122






Máthé Ilona és Máthé József-Wooden sculptor


Máthé Ilona: I'm involved in weaving since I was little, because my mother was master-weaver for a former producers' cooperative. The loom was a permanent piece of furniture in our house and I have already worked with my mother as child.
Máthé József
: As a pupil I've finished a wooden sculpture course and since we established our family company in 2007 I'm continuing this craft.
Our purpose is to produce creations which satisfying the highest requirements, using traditional techniques, all our products are handmade: wooden sculptured ornamental and usage goods, as well as woolen, hemp and linen fabrics. The fabric necessary for the traditional popular costumes of our region is produced to order, but we also present it to the fairs of craftsmen. The course of embroidery organized by the Foundation Artera helps us to make embroidery of high quality, decorated in colors and with traditional motives.


RO–537216 Kisgalambfalva / Porumbeni Mici, nr. 112
(+4)-0749-466.779, -0740-833.047



Takács Gizella


My interest for the crafts was awakened in my childhood by my grandmother. In this time I hardly learned the weaving of carpets, then at the school we learned the embroidery, and the lock-picking later. I practised this last one while my children were small, then I learned the sewing of kelim in 1992, and with my creations I participated in the Fair of Craftsmen organized by the Foundation Artera in 2007.
The real development and study began in 2009 when at the Foundation Artera I've finished the manual weaving course, then, in the spring of 2011, the embroidery course also. In these days I try hard to transfigure the traditional products in objects which can be used nowadays also. I want to inculcate to my children and my environment for the love of traditional values.


RO–535600 Székelyudvarhely / Odorheiu Secuiesc,
Str. Cărămidăriei nr.4/6






Deák György


My activity of enamel works compare to Jack of all trades, master of non himself. I have never studied this art, but I've seen it somewhere and I was caught by it. With a background of technical knowledge and curiosity I started to make researches and experiments. It took ages, but after many years experience I came up with quality which made me happy. I'm working in a different way than other artists, I'm sure about it, but the results are evident. I participate in exhibitions, fairs, festivals more than ten years and the visitors taking time to admire my creations. Burnt enamel works gives you limitless possibilities of expression. Every piece is a starting point of new techniques usage.
After many years I became an active member of renowned organizations: Artera Foundation, Association of Szekler Craftsmen, National Association of Craftsmen. By their support I presented my creations in many other countries in abroad.


RO–535400 Székelykeresztúr / Cristuru Secuiesc,
str. Gábor Áron nr. 9






Gál Csilla


I feel the necessity of creating, since I was little, but I couldn't find the way to express myself, until then I got acquainted with pastas which we can cook. Then I discovered that I have certain dexterity and what owes to me it is a good dose of patience. I like working this material, because there is no limit, I can modeling anything from a piece of paste. Firstly I created gift teaspoons for myself and for the children in my circle of acquaintances, but later the number of interested people started to rise and they wanted to buy my goods. I presented my works to the Foundation Artera, they had having me with kindness.
In meantime the series intended for the children was letting out in a wide range of objects decorated by traditional motives. That was the moment, when I've recognized my way of expression, and I think cause we have to use our traditional inheritance in our everyday life. I feel myself lucky enough for giving a little of serenity in people's life.


RO–537090 Gyergyóditró / Ditrău,
str. N. Bălcescu nr. 153